Dalia and Arūnas Drobniai homestead

Dalios ir Arūno Drobnių sodybaAddress: Lakštingalų street 2, Rusnė, LT-99343 Šilutė district
Contacts: phone number: +370 441 58189, +370 687 74687 (Dalia), +370 611 29594 (Arūnas)
Email: rusnedalia@zebra.lt
Website: www.poilsisrusneje.lt

Number of rooms: 6
Number of beds: 14
Price: 15 € per person

Other services: tour across the island for 1 hour. – 12 €, bicycle rent for one day – 15 €.
When booking the entire homestead – free sauna, guests are treated with fish soup.
The homestead is found on the bank of the River Pakalnė in Rusnė. We are waiting for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the island of Rusnė and to go fishing and swimming in a boat or canoe.
We organize excursions by boat and raft. Also, in our homestead you will find 30 seats banquet hall (with dishes, coffee, tea and sugar), a fireplace and sauna (cold water tub, brooms and towels), a summerhouse for 20 people with a fireplace and a place to build a tent. Boat trips are organized to Nida and around the island of Rusnė. Provision of transport services is provided.

Genė Gečienė homestead

Genės Gečienės sodybaAddress: Lakštingalų g. 1, Rusnė, LT-99343 Šilutės rajonas
Contacts: phone number +370 441 58174, Mobile phone: +370 682 67827
Number of rooms: 8
Number of beds: 17 (7 rooms x 2 beds+ 1 room x 3 beds)
Price: 15 € per person

Other services: sauna, tour guide services
Homestead is near Vorusnė and Pakalnė rivers. It is a quiet place to relax. There is a spacious garden and lots of flowers. Guests can have breakfast in the garden of apple trees. This is a true paradise for fisherman and birdwatchers. We also organize boat trips to the Curonian Spit.

Emilija Pužienė homestead

Emilijos Pužienės sodybaAddress: Pylimo street 4, Rusnė, LT-99349 Šilutė district
Contacts: phone number +370 441 58230 Mobile phone: +370 651 77898
Number of rooms: 4
Number of beds: 9
price: 15 € per person

Other services: Sauna, summerhouse
This cozy homestead is near the Pakalnė river. It is balanced for families and small groups of people who like quiet rest. There is a summerhouse with fireplace.

Danutė and Izidorius Vaičiuliai rural tourism homestead

Address: Šyškrantės 61, Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: phone number: +370 441 58555 , +370 614 89068 (Danutė), +370 699 06303 (Izidorius)
Email: rusne@mail.lt

Number of rooms: 5
Number of beds: 10
Price: 15 € per person
Other services: Sauna

This homestead is located in the island of Rusnė, 3,3 km from the bridge of Rusnė near Atmata river. It has Wi-Fi, offers boating, fishing, entertainment boats and excursions. Also there is a canoe, 2 bicycles and 12 seats sauna.

Rural tourism homestead “Pakalnės vingis”

Kaimo turizmo sodyba „Pakalnės vingis“Address: Pakalnė village, Eldership of Rusnė, LT-99343 Šilutė district
Contacts: phone number: +370 441 68190, +370 686 81919, +370 686 30530
Email: info@pakalnesvingis.lt
Website: www.pakalnesvingis.lt
Number of rooms:12
Number of beds: 40-45 (with tents about 90 persons)
Price: 13 – 15 € per person
Other service: sauna, extreme training, trips.

Lots of places for tents. Equipped with 4 fireplaces, football field, volleyball and basketball courts, children’s game area. Bikes, canoes, rowing boats, motorboats can be rented. During the winter fishing is organized on the ice of Curonian Spit. Fishers are carried with quad bikes. This homestead also offers Japanese hot tubs and sauna. There is a chance for boating, canoeing, bicycling, sightseeing of Rusnė with jeep. Guests with pets are welcomed.

Algimantas Svitkinas homestead

Algimanto Svitkino sodybaAddress: Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: phone number 8 688 85619 (Algimantas), 8 677 94835 (Virginija)
Number of rooms: 7
Other services: sauna, banquet hall, canoening, camping, boating.
Ship for 12 people for 1 day – 180 €, 1 hour – 35 €. During the trip, you are going to be treated with fish soup.

Ethnographical rural tourism homestead “Upeivis”

Address: Skirvytėlės street 9, Rusnė, LT-99343 Šilutė district
Contacts: phone number: +370 441 58142 Mob. tel.: +370 612 31881, +370 610 99803
Email: upeivis@yahoo.com
Number of rooms: 5
Number of beds: 10
Price: 15 € per person
Other services: sauna, kayaking, excursions, caters.

Romualda and Gediminas Vasiliauskai homestead “Vorusnėlė”

Romualdos ir Gedimino Vasiliauskų sodyba „VorusnėlėAddress: Skirvytėlės street 17, Eldership of Rusnė, LT-99350 Šilutė district
Contacts: phone number +370 441 50062, +370 686 23920, +370 615 52763
Email: vasiliausku.sodyba@gmail.com
Number of rooms: 6
Number of beds: 30
Price: 15 € per person

Other services: volleyball and basketball courts, swimming, sauna, summerhouse with fireplace, outside fireplaces, bicycles, boat rental. Organized fishing.
Homestead is located between two rivers full of fish – Vorusnė and Pakalnė, on the bank of Vorusnė river. It has four houses with all amenities, perfectly designed for relaxing holiday and fishing. It is also equipped for those seeking ways to spend time actively: it has volleyball, basketball courts, swing. You can also find sauna, summerhouse, bicycles and 4 high-speed boats for the excursions around island of Rusnė, Nida, Juodkrantė, Mingė, Kintai. During the winter, fishing on the Curonian Spit is organized.

Villa „ Prie Peterso tilto“

Vila „ Prie Peterso tilto“Address: Šilutės street 13/ Nemuno street 1 Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: phone number +370 6553 5433 Toma
Email: peterso.vila@gmail.com
Number of rooms: 6
Number of beds: 31
Price: 15 € per person

Other services: ballroom-conference room, meals-snacks, bicycles, kayaks, boat, motorboat.
Villa is located in the city of Rusnė, in old post office, next to the Atmata river and reconstructed pier. The building is refurbished and adapted for modern needs, It features unique rooms, interiors and solutions. There is a breathtaking view of nature. We offer single and double rooms, including separate exit to the glassed terrace. Each room has a refrigerator, a shower or bathroom, internet. For your convenience, villa has mini kitchen with refrigerator, a separate bathroom, living room with fireplace, TV and internet.

Villa „ Rusne Villa“

Vila „ Rusne VIlla“Address: Pakalnės 82, Eldership of Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: phone number +370 652 97333; +370 698 41745
Email: aiste@rusnevilla.lt
Number of rooms: 9
Number of beds: 30
Price: from 49 €/ per person

Other services: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, tasting dinners, various celebrations, banquets, conference room, meals-snacks.
Most of the bedrooms have balconies with the view of flowing river. Among them there are 5 en-suite style rooms with private baths and corridors. One of them, designed specifically for just married couples, is equipped with very comfortable double bed and a cozy balcony,. All rooms are designed to meet your highest expectations and comfort requirements. There will be enough space for you and your guests.
Nemunas delta Regional Park is full of fascinating observation stations, pedestrian and bicycle paths. We suggest to visit Evangelical Lutheran Church of Rusnė. We offer trips by ships. There is a pier next to the villa, so if you will swim through, we would be happy to invite you in for lunch or dinner. Of course, during the warm season you can always enjoy swimming around or fishing.