Comfortable cycling trails connect the island of Rusnė and its surroundings. Distance from Rusnė to Uostadvaris is just 8 kilometers and the old lighthouse of Uostadvaris is just 2 kilometer further. From there you can reach Nida or Curonian Spit by steamship and continue your trip with bicycle. The trip will take about few hours.


  1. Rusnė – 4 km – Pakalnė – 4,5 km – bird watching tower – 2,5 km – lighthouse (11 km, 7 km of which is gravel road, leading across the island of Rusnė).
  2. Rusnė – 3 km – Šyškrantė – 5 k. – Uostadvaris – 2 km – lighthouse (10 km, 4 km of which is gravel road: this route winds down through the left bank of the Atmata river near the drained fishpinds).


After reaching Uostadvaris old lighthouse by one of the ways mentioned, it is more interesting to travel back to Rusnė by other way. Island’s visitors are encouraged to try 21 km long ring rout: 11 km of it is gravel road.

After arriving at Pakalnė, do not hesitate to ride additional kilometer of paved road: you will reach the Information center of Regional park of Nemunas delta. It is located in the former villa of Soviet government. Here you can learn more about the nature in island of Rusnė and local people.


Since 14th century Rusnė is famous for its fishes. The island is still a popular destination for amateur fisherman, who try their luck in Skirvytė, Atmata, Pakalnė, and podlers. Remember: fishing in the border area requires authorization at Rusnė border post.

Fishing rules, in Lithuanian:


Ship „Dzeusas“ – 12 seats
Address: Nemuno street 6, Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: +370 688 85619; +370 615 63486

Speedboat – 8 seats
If required, a larger boat can be arranged.
Address: Skirvytėlės street 3, Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: +370 652 30980; +370 686 49427

Ship – 12 seats
Address: Pakalnė village, Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: +370 441 68190; +370 686 81919; +370 686 30530

Pontoon boat – 12 seats
Cutter „Amūras“ – 6 seats
Address: Skirvytėlės street 17, Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: +370 615 52763

Ship – 8 seats
Ship „Sambis“ – 45 seats
Address: Neringos street 55, Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: +370 685 79637

Hoop boat – 6 seats
Address: Lakštingalų street 5, Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: +370 685 03137; +37069934193

Ethnographic sailboat
Address: Skirvytės street 9, Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: +370 441 58142; +37061417281; +37061231881

Ship „Aqua Nova“ – 50 seats
Address: Rusnės uostas, Rusnė, Šilutės rajonas
Contacts: +370 640 55055

Ship „Njord“ 20 seats
Ship „Pupa” – 12 seats
Address: Grabupiai village. Šilutė district
Contacts: +370 699 95559


Educational programs of Island’s ethno-cultural and information center

Island’s ethno-cultural and information center
Address: Neringos street 7, Rusnė, Šilutė district
Contacts: +370 441 50010


Birutė Servienė
Contacts: +370 650 10460

Dalia Drobnienė
Contacts: +370 687 74687

Dalia Kubilienė
Contacts: +370 674 19700

Dainora Laukevičienė
Contacts: +370 653 68884

Iveta Ambrulaitienė
Contacts: +370 650 66414

Sonata Verbučianskė
Contacts: +370 636 95365

Živilė Skirkevičienė
Contacts: +370 612 80584


Festival of Rusnė is an international country music festival held for five years as well as a competition between various Lithuanian and foreign youth music groups who play live instruments. Festival includes various educational programs about the crafts of Pamarys region. It also offers culinary heritage tours through rural homesteads of Rusnė as well as activities on both water and land for children, youth and adults. The festival takes place in the island’s traditional location for festivals: on Atmata river bank in Rusnė island. Festival is organized by the association ‘Pamario vakarai. More

Also, every two years traditional village festivals are organized: in August visitors wait for “Laivininkai” (“Sailors”) celebration, and in spring tourists rush to the fish feast “Šaktarpis”, also known as “Nei ledu, nei bradu”. A lot of people come to taste traditional fish soup, fried and smoked fish, check the flea market and to see an island in the unique time – during the flood